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White Tunic Tops

The white tunic is a very popular garment because it can be worn all year round together with a huge variety of other items to create a number of looks. White tunic tops are usually favoured for casual occasions, however, there is no reason why a quality item can not be worn in a formal environment also.

The Latest White Tunics


White tunics are one of the most versatile and necessary articles of clothing in any woman's wardrobe. Typically made from luxurious materials or designed with ornate details they can be dressed up and worn to a wedding or to the office any day. Other white tunic tops are styled to be worn very casually over a bathing suit at the beach or with a basic pair of jeans.

A white cotton poplin tunic typically has long sleeves, a pointed collar and a button front. The most versatile type of white tunic, this signature staple can be worn by wait staff, attorneys, teachers, office workers and mums alike. Fashionistas will often pop the collar and cuffs on a white poplin tunic and pair it with a pair of stilettos, a metallic clutch, a chain belt and a funky collar necklace and hit the town in style. Worn more modestly, white tunics look great when layered under fitted cardigans, cropped blazers, leather jackets and sweater vests.

Many women choose to wear sleeveless designs as a neutral layering piece under a pencil skirt and wool blazer. They can be tucked into skirts or pants effortlessly, or they can be worn long with skinny jeans, leggings and even palazzo pants.

Some are adorned with jewelled necklines, vertical princess seams, fabric belts and even ruffles for added visual interest and style. Tunics in white are universally flattering against any skin tone and work well with virtually any shoes, bottoms, jewellery pieces, accessories or handbags.