Silk Tunics

The silk tunic is no longer really seen as a luxury item because of the wider selection and better prices now available, however, they are still regarded as garments to be used for more special occasions because they are more fragile than other tunics but they do offer maximum comfort to the wearer.

A Selection of The Best Silk Tunics


Silk tunics are among the most comfortable, breathable, versatile and luxurious pieces in a woman's wardrobe and can be worn during all four seasons, unlike other fabrics silk is a natural fabric, created from the spun thread of the silk worm. Most silk tunics do not have stretch built into them, so it is important to try on and move around in them thoroughly before committing to the purchase. Silk is also one of the more expensive fabrics to purchase in the retail market, so finding timeless designs, patterns, colours and fits is also of the utmost importance when purchasing one.

The shiny lustre of a tunic manufactured from silk looks elegant and equally rich when paired with a textured tweed or wool blazer. Although they can appear as upscale and refined, it is easy to wear a one more casually. A long silk tunic with side slits looks carefree and casual when worn with a fitted denim jacket, a pair of khakis or chinos and a pair of summery espadrilles.

Silk, like cotton, is one of the most breathable fabrics so pregnant women and those living in warmer climates will appreciate how cool they feel when wearing one. Most silk tunics have built-in side slits for added movement and give, these side slits flatter virtually every figure and add to the overall feeling of elegance and "country cottage chic." Women that enjoy well-made garments in classic shapes and styles will love them.