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The tunic has been a very prominent item of clothing in many cultures throughout history, which is one of the reasons for the emergence of modern versions that are designed and manufactured in a huge variety of different styles, patterns and colours and using a variety of materials. Due to the popularity and variety you are sure to find the perfect one for you. Happy Shopping!


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Styles of Tunics

Tunic tops are perhaps the most modern style of tunic in that the reduction in length is the biggest step away from more traditional tunics. Designers are continuously coming up with new styles, which make them fashionable in every season, to be worn as part of an outfit whatever the weather. The fact that the designs of these garments are always evolving means that finding the perfect one for you is much easier because of the sheer quantity and variety that there is available from top designers and from high street retailers alike.

Tunic dresses have become increasingly popular to have in the wardrobe to be used as either a casual dress or an evening dress to be worn on more formal occasions. Designers have created beautiful tunic style dresses in traditional colours such as black and white together with adding more vibrant pattern and colours to their ranges in order to make them much more versatile. During the colder months they can be worn as part of an overall look by coupling them with a pair of fashionable leggings or jeans.

Maternity tunics have always been popular garments with the pregnant lady; first and foremost for the comfort that they offer, however, in the past the designs were perhaps seen as sacrificing some style for comfort. This is not the case with the modern ranges, which supply plenty of both in perfect harmony.

One of the most popular colours of tunic is of course black because of the ability to wear it as part of a larger variety of outfits in both casual and more formal situations, the fact that black never really becomes unfashionable is also a major reason for their continued place in designers’ collections and in the wardrobe. White tunics are very popular as well because they can be worn all year round together with a huge variety of other items to create a number of looks. A white tunic is usually favoured for casual occasions; however, there is no reason why they cannot be worn in a formal environment also, if they are creatively matched with other pieces and accessories to create a classy ensemble.

Many materials are used in the manufacture of tunics for women such as cotton and linen but if you are looking for a little luxury then silk may be a good choice especially when we consider the much wider selection now available at much more affordable prices, however, they are still regarded as garments to be used for more special occasions because they are more fragile than other tunics but they do offer maximum comfort to the wearer.

The importance of accessorising can’t be underestimated, which is why a piece of clothing that comes with a built in accessory is always a bonus, which is why belted tunics are very popular because not only can you mix and match a variety of belts to change the look, but the shape of these pieces really accentuate the figure.